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Data Fibre & Telecoms

HTS install, design and maintain computer network systems, structured cabling and telecommunication networks. We also install VOIP telephony systems for all areas of business and industry. HTS install, test and terminate fibre optic cabling solutions. Click here for more information.

Data Fibre and Telecoms: Services
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Copper & Fiber Optic Infrastructure

HTS design, install and commission computer network solutions. Anything from copper networks to fiber optic networks, both long and short range. We also provide fault finding solutions in order to get to the bottom of your connectivity problems to minimise downtime for your business. Get in touch for more information. 

V.O.I.P & P.O.T.S Telephony Networks

In any business your telecoms system is very important. We offer a client tailored, cost saving, voice over internet protocol solutions. This means we can supply a solution to match your needs and reduce your existing telecoms bills. Get in touch for more information. 

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Unifi Business WiFi

In today's world WiFi technology is an integral part of communicating, which is widely used in business and at home. Because of this, it's very important to have a stable and reliable connection. HTS install and design Unifi wireless technology with networks beginning with 1 hotspot to 500 hotspots. We pride ourselves in providing a service that can improve wireless connectivity and speed. Get in touch for more information.      

Long Range Wireless Transmission and WISP

HTS provide long range wireless transmission solutions for your commercial or domestic property.  It's now possible to connect buildings together up-to 14KM apart via wireless technology. This saves companies with multiple buildings (with line of site) expensive leased line rentals. It also facilitates our CCTV division to link remote CCTV cameras around the site. This new wireless technology is also allowing us to reach remote rural locations with our high speed internet services,  "WISP" Wireless Internet Service Provider. This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for our clients. Get in touch now for more information. 

Data Fibre and Telecoms: Services
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